St John the Baptist Croydon Park Arabic School Community Language Program

Are you a school aged student interested in learning to read, write, and speak Arabic? Are you keen on communicating more effectively with Jedo and Tayta in Arabic?

Then sign up to St John’s community language program which is run by parents and community leaders. The program is funded and supported by the NSW Department of Education Community Languages Schools Program.

Our classes are held outside normal school hours and are open to school-aged students attending NSW government, Catholic or Independent schools.

Our program uses leading technology and educational methods so that our young ones can better connect to the Arabic language, their heritage, and culture. This year, we hope to have two dedicated streams for primary and secondary students so that students with different language competencies (from beginner to advanced) can learn and use Arabic.


Primary School Stream – St John the Baptist, 12-14 Balmoral Avenue Croydon Park

Secondary School Stream – Campsie Library, Amy Street, Campsie (TBC)


Fridays, 5-7pm.

If interested, please fill in the form below.

(Year, eg Kindergarten, Year 1 etc)

Service Times

Sunday Liturgy Times

† 09:00 am Liturgy – Matins (Arabic and English)
† 10:00 am Liturgy – Divine Liturgy (Arabic)
† 06:00 pm Liturgy – Divine Liturgy (English)

Sunday School

† During Divine Liturgy (Arabic)

Bible Study

† Every Monday at 07:30 pm

Paraklesis Service

† Every Wednesday at 06:30 pm